and transport

Spanish College also offers to organise all aspects of mobility from the moment students land in Malaga until their departure, including: airport transfer, accommodation, local transport, cultural programme and activities.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our accommodation. To make your experience as enjoyable as possible
The most comfortable possible, it offers you three different accommodation options:

Alojamiento en casa
de familia

Staying with host families is a preferred accommodation option for many of our students.
Accommodation with our host families will become your “home away from home”.
Our host families are not only there to share their homes, but also to integrate students into their families.
The families are carefully screened to ensure that they offer the level of service and support that our students require. All students are provided with high quality accommodation, meals and other services.
All host family homes are located within local transport access to the city centre.
Host families usually prepare meals for their guests in accordance with the traditional customs of the country, giving you the opportunity to get to know the food, culture and culinary customs of Spain.



If you prefer more independence and intimacy, but at the same time want to share your experience
With more travellers this type of accommodation can suit you.
The features you offer are:
Modern accommodation and facilities.
Attractive common areas.
Fully equipped kitchen.
Close to public transport.
Reception and security 24/7.
Private rooms with bedding included.
Free WiFi.
Air conditioning and heating.
Laundry with washing machine and dryer.


Staying in a flat will make you feel at home. Enjoy magnificent accommodations with perfect locations with features such as the following:
Single and double rooms;
Fully equipped kitchen;
Living room and TV room; Free WiFi; Air conditioning and heating; Close to public transport.