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We have 6 levels of Spanish according to the agreement with the Common European Framework (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

Each lesson is 50 minutes long and the private lessons are 60 minutes long.

Maximum 8 people per group. Average 5/6.

In case of having only 1 or 2 people in a group we reserve the right to reduce
course hours. Even if there is only 1 person for a certain level we create the group.

Intensive course
(20 h)

Our intensive course is one of the most popular and consists of 4 hours of Spanish classes daily.
With the intensive course you will learn Spanish quickly in a multicultural and dynamic environment.

From the first day, students are encouraged to speak Spanish.

In all our levels we include general Spanish culture.

Starting dates: every Monday
Duration: 1-52 weeks
Number of lessons: 20/week
Level: from A1 to C2
Maximum per class: 8
Average per class: 5-6
Timetable: 9-13 or 15-19 (may vary)

Super Intensive Course (30 h)

This Spanish course is designed for those who are interested in optimizing their time at our school to deepen their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

This Spanish course is based on our intensive course with 2 extra hours per day to deepen what you have learned in the standard course.

This course is aimed at people who need to learn as much as possible in the minimum amount of time. This course is recognized as “Bildungsurlaub” in Germany.

*It is recommended for students who already have an A2 level.

Starting dates: every Monday
Duration: 1-16 weeks
Number of classes: 30/week
Level: from A1 to C2
Maximum per class: 8
Average per class: 5-6
Timetable: 9-15 or 14-20 (may vary)

Courses for groups

Designed for diverse groups in which participants share objectives and interests and have the same level of language skills. When the group is composed of more students, it can be divided into different levels.


The aim of the stay in Malaga is for the students to practice their Spanish both in the school and in the street. Many of the students have never practiced their Spanish outside of the classes they receive in their country, now it is time to discover that they can really speak and understand it!

This is very positive for the student and gives them a great boost to continue studying in their country. The stay includes a Spanish course, accommodation and a full programme of activities (excursions, visits to museums, sports activities, parties, etc.)

Who are they aimed at?
Our group courses are aimed at all types of groups of people interested in learning Spanish in Malaga. We receive groups of students from schools, colleges, universities, but also groups of friends, family members, work colleagues etc.

The contents of all our group courses are programmed according to the needs and interests communicated by the components of the group.
Contact us for more information: (Include email)

Course data:
Starting dates: every week
Duration: optional
Level: from A1 to C2

Online Course
Semi Intensive

Number of hours: 10* +10 h. of work at home
Levels: A1-C1
Start date: every Monday
General Spanish
*In case of having only 1 or 2 people in a group we reserve the right to reduce the
course hours.

1 week 117 euros
2 weeks 234
3 weeks 320
4 weeks 390

Check here the characteristics of our courses
– Classes with the teacher through Zoom
– Level test
– Attendance certificate
– Tests and exercises
– Exams
– Games
– Song lyrics
– Short lessons (pills)
– Vocabulary
– Videos
– Podcasts

Our fees

Intensive course

1 week: 195 €

2 weeks: 390 €

3 weeks: 534 €

4 weeks: 649 €

6 weeks: 948 €

8 weeks: 1211 €

10 weeks: 1512 €

Contact us for rates
more than 10 weeks.

Super Intensive Course

1 week: 312 €

2 weeks 600 €

3 weeks: 780 €

4 weeks: 948 €

6 weeks: 1413 €

8 weeks: 1869 €

10 weeks: 2260 €

Contact us for rates
more than 10 weeks.

On Line Courses

Weeks Intensive Super intensive Conversation DELE
195 €
117 €
390 €
234 €
80 €
250 €
534 €
320 €
649 €
390 €
150 €
470 €
Private Classes
1 hour 38 Euros

More than 10 hours:

34€ / hour.

Certificate of Attendance and Achievement

In Debla we issue two types of certificate. The Debla attendance certificate guarantees that you have attended the contracted course and the level you have reached. The certificate of achievement guarantees that you have successfully completed the course in the level assigned in our school according to our curriculum which conforms to the standards of the Cervantes Institute. In order to obtain any type of certificate, 80% of class attendance is required.

Certificates issued by Debla have no official validity. If you need an official diploma, you
We recommend taking an official exam such as the DELE or SIELE.

2021 Calendar

I start courses, every Monday.
Class times, morning or afternoon (may vary).
















Official DELE proof










Super intensive and intensive

Start: Every Monday of the week

CCSE official test











*Every Monday new Spanish courses start. All students take a test of
written and oral level before coming to the school The minimum age is 14 years.

* There are no classes on official holidays. However, in the weeks when there are two days
On public holidays, classes are made up on one of the days.